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We offer services in different sectors that you may be interested in.

Based on your goals and needs, we work hard to build trusted ongoing relationships.

Everybody is different, and in a different place, in their journey of life. 

Are you just starting out?

Seeing what is out there, testing the water.

Maybe you are seasoned

Brick & Mortar or Online business owner.

 Or maybe you are somewhere in-between.

With Your Business You first want to make sure that Your Customers, Staff and Yourself for that matter are working in a Safe Environment.

Whatever type of establishment you have, either a restaurant, church, clinic with patients, schools, office, shop, gym, spa or store.

If You have customers coming inside your building, You want them to be safe and to feel comfortable while doing business.

Also, if your customers not knowingly, are bringing inside with them undesirable germs and pathogens, You want to be able to destroy the contaminants to protect your employees and yourself.

By coughing, sneezing, touching and just breathing, these germs are transmitted around.

You want the air they breath and the surfaces they touch to be safe and germ free.

It's a two way street, for both the customers and Your staff.

Using space-age technology, back here on earth, You can offer Your Customers and staff peace of mind while doing business inside Your establishment.

Also, as a side benefit, it knocks out unpleasant odors like in a gym or pet store.

Watch this short video that explains how this works,

which is better and faster then me trying to tell you.

Click the Button below to Learn More about this unique, awesome and much needed device

or system for larger areas.

Then come back and contact me if this is something You might be interested in.

Whichever is your preferred way to connect,

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or email [email protected]

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Hopefully we can put a smile on your face. 

Your Answering Service In Your Pocket

The Importance of Call Tracking and keeping up with your businesses phone calls 

is the life blood of any business. 

Whether you're a home business, agency, Franchise, or online marketer, the common factor in success is money. Call tracking can not only make you money but also helps you save it. See, with Call Tracking you gain the insight of which marketing channels, advertisements, campaigns, and keywords work for you.

Call Tracking will also propel you to make money by allowing you to never miss a call and improve on your customer relations. What does a missed call or forgot follow call cost you?

Getting information right and following up with prospects is crucial to your success. That's why having all your conversations recorded is very useful. 

You could have 3+ different businesses and have different phone numbers assigned to each business. All 3 numbers would come to your single smartphone with a whisper message, if you answer the call, letting you know which 

business is the call coming from. 

If you don't answer, your client can leave a voice mail or text message, then they will receive a notice that you are sorry for missing their call and will get back to them as soon as possible. 

Then you will receive a text message and an email message with instant audio file of the voice mail or text message. You can play the voicemail instantly without having to call your cellphone voice mail number and then put in a password and press the right numbers to listen to your recording. Great time saver and frustration eliminator.

There is a lot more features and things you can do with this system. 

Click the "Learn More" button to find out more.

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Our Services

Our company provides multiple services to help your financial situation now and in the future

Foreign Exchange

Find out about the largest market in the world. Where you can earn passive income.

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Programs To Earn With

Here are some side hustle programs that you can use to grow your income as you grow your business. Each button has 3 different programs. Once there refresh the page to see another program. 9 total

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# 2
# 3

Local Google My Business

Is Your Business Website Google Friendly? You want the largest player on the Internet on your side.

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WaDeGo Media LLC

We will help you develop a strategy for your business to get more traffic.

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Website All-In-One System

Get started for Free. Why pay more if you can save more money for yourself.

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Crypto "The Plan"

Learn how to master the world of crypto currencies 

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Is Your Business Website Legally Compliant?

Businesses are getting hit by lawsuits over ADA compliance, GDPR, and several other legal violations. Most business owners don't even know if their website is exposed to or asking for a lawsuit until they get a scary letter letting them know that they are breaking the law. We can run a Free Analysis and determine if there is any legal issues with your website.

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